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I Heart Question Mark! July 31, 2008

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So there is this guy I have known him ever since Kindergarden. In the last year we have gotten really close. He is truly my Best friend. I know that I could go to him at anytime with anything and he would be there for me. My family has recently started telling me how I should be in a relationship with him. At first when they said this I wouldnt have even considered it because of how close of friends we are. But now I think I am starting to have feelings for him. He does and says things that make me think he has feelings for me but I am just not sure. I think that I would like to try out a relationship and see what was to come of it but then again I do not want to do anything to ruin our Friendship. Then there are the times when he mentions other girls and I feel a pang of jealousy come out in me. Recently we have not been communicating as much as we usually do. Come to find out he is currently talking to some girl that is 4 years younger than him and personally I think she is a Hoe! When I think about this situation it irritates me. Lately I wish that they would just date because I know that if she hurts him I will be the one he that he will confide in. I think part of these feelings is I would like to be in her position and I am afraid that I will be replaced by her.



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